In December 2018, founder, Arshad Shaikh went to Pakistan to start serving meals to the needy. He met with the founder of a non-profit organization, which was a school for underprivileged kids in Pakistan. The founder needed some help feeding the kids, so Arshad decided he would take on the responsibility of feeding 700-800 kids per day.  Once he started helping feed the children, he realized that many adults were also without adequate amounts of food. 

This is when he decided to begin feeding needy people in the area each day.  Our goal is to feed 100 people for lunch every day. This goal may seem insignificant given how many hungry people live in Pakistan, but this small goal will allow 100 people a day to go to bed without starving. This goal is also just a start, with more help from people like you, we will increase our goal from 100 to 200 to 300 and so on. No effort is too big or too small. We would like to start our operations by keeping an attainable goal and as our support from you increases, as will our efforts to feed more people. So please donate below to help the hungry get a good meal!