Our Goals

Feed The Hungry

Our goal is to provide lunch for 100 people every day. While this objective may appear modest given the significant number of hungry individuals in Pakistan, achieving it will ensure that 100 people are able to go to bed without experiencing hunger. However, this goal is just a starting point. With additional assistance from individuals like you, we aim to incrementally increase our target from 100 to 200, 300, and beyond. We believe that no effort is too big or too small in our mission to alleviate hunger. We are committed to commencing our operations with an achievable goal, and as the support from our donors grows, so too will our efforts to provide food to more people


High Quality Education

Education is crucial for children because they represent the future of the world. When a child attends school, they embark on a journey of learning, playing, and socializing with friends. Through education, a child gains understanding and strives to excel academically, aiming for the top positions. Children serve as the foundation of a nation; their education is essential for the development of both the country and the world. By ensuring a secure future for children through education, societies can combat social ills such as racism and poverty. Every child deserves access to education, as they will emerge as the future leaders who can address and overcome existing challenges. It is imperative that children comprehend the purpose of education and its real-life applications

water plant22

Clean Drinking Water

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Shockingly, 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water, a basic necessity. Our mission is to change that. Ensuring access to safe water is imperative for everyone worldwide, and addressing this issue requires a global effort. Many philanthropists have chosen to support clean water initiatives by donating to projects under the ‘Caring for the Poor’ umbrella.